Valoriani Pizza Ovens

Valoriani pizza ovens are made from a refractory cotto material that heats up and recovers quickly. Perfect for both the residential and commercial markets.

Valoriani Forni Professional Wood Fired Ovens and Residential Pizza Ovens come from Tuscany – Italy. They have become market leaders in Australia with their Valoriani and Vesuvio (owned by Euroquip) branded Wood Fired Oven range, offering a light weight refractory oven kit that is made from the finest quality materials from Italy.

Valoriani oven is an example of quality born in the name of the tradition with great Italian craftsmanship. These ovens are made with an attention to detail and the search for solid and noble materials. The V, is exhibited in homes, pizzerias and restaurants all over the world and has become a symbol of conviviality and the taste of good food.

Valoriani is the only company to produce its factory dome and floor tiles which are baked at 1300°C. Other manufacturers have tried to copy the “Valoriani Forni “ovens, which have been recognised as the Original Wood Burning Oven. They still remain the original, the first product in its class and one of the best products worldwide, chosen and used by some of the most popular restaurants around the world. The company today, after more than 50 years on the market, is in its 5th generation. With over 300,000 ovens delivered, Valoriani professional wood-fired ovens  & residential pizza ovens are still made in Refrattari Reggello, high in the hills of Tuscany.

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